READERS’ LETTERS: playing business liable for terminal addiction

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Sir, – it’s an excellent circulation for the uk govt to reduce the optimum stake on mounted odds making a bet terminals to £2 from £one hundred nonetheless situs judi online it may still have been completed sooner.

The executive has prevalent about this for more than 5 years yet is simply acting now and there’s no timetable at current for when these alterations will come into impact.

Compulsive gambling is a psychological disease that has blighted many lives – for addicts and their households. It has been a contributory aspect in marriage breakdowns, bankruptcy and even suicide. As a compulsive gambler myself i know these machines are particularly addictive and making a bet shops spend this to their full advantage.

The having a bet shops are using “project concern” by using claiming job losses to try to cease this change however they have got a chummy accountability and the hurt finished to communities all the way through the country by using fixed odds betting terminals is with no trouble agen sbobet incalculable.

Gordon Kennedy.

Simpson square,


If we build it, will they come?

Sir, – Stefan Morkis Courier, may 14 looks to have unexpectedly come to the realisation that we probably have too many motels planned within the Riverside area of Dundee.

This should be a shock to Mr Morkis considering simply just a few weeks ago he gave us his opinion on the disgraceful workplace block which is hiding the V&A. At that factor he become crammed with optimism and compliment of the city planners, telling the general public how the encompassing constructions are necessary to deliver monetary enter for the area.

It may be high-quality if the resorts get the “tens of millions” of tourists and guests we’re resulted in believe are heading for Dundee.

On April 12, I despatched in a letter to The Courier agen judi bola terpercaya which included the quote: “aside from the V&A, what else goes to convey thousands and thousands more friends to Dundee?

“where precisely will the visitors use the thousands and thousands of pounds we’re being told will come to Dundee? Discovery aspect? RRS Discovery itself? definitely, what is new in Dundee other than the V&A? Nothing of any note”.

Mr Morkis now appears to have taken that on board.

The reality is this whole mismanaged scheme is dependent upon americans staying within the lodges.

This, we’re instructed, is the starting of a fantastic era for Dundee. This leads me to question the metropolis planners and enterprise specialists within the council.

do we have a client or valued clientele for this costly workplace block? will we have further parking areas for the 800 americans we are informed will work in the office block? Is there a traffic plan and, if so, why is it no longer in operation at current to contend with agen judi piala dunia the gridlock which is Dock highway, the Tay Bridge off ramp and Riverside force?

Optimism is extraordinary. simply do not let truth get within the way.

Arthur Gall.

Pitalpin court,


Plea for the pedestrians

Sir, – Can anybody tell me the place my visitors, coming either by way of bus or motor vehicle, can park to discuss with the V&A museum?

no longer everybody is capable of walk from town dodging site visitors in the Dock highway area.

Fiona McMillan.

Ethiebeaton Terrace,


Prisoner rights and wrongs

Sir, – contributors of the equalities and human rights committee at Holyrood have cautioned prisoners should still be approved to vote.

I can’t have in mind why committees are set up to consume time and cash on subjects reminiscent of prisoners’ rights when there are extra important things to investigate – buildings for the homeless, the injustice of benefits for those that deserve them, NHS funding and so on.

however votes for prisoners? absolutely not.

each grownup in penitentiary has violated the rights of the average citizen. inebriated drivers have omitted the rights of individuals to be secure on the road. Burglars have taken away the rights of every person to think secure in their homes.

Murderers have taken away the right to are living. hence they’ve misplaced some rights.

then again, prisoners still have the correct to a roof over their heads, to meals, clothing and communication with their families.

they have access to schooling. Some might also say they’ve a more robust existence than many so why do they additionally need a appropriate to vote?

Rehabilitation changed into outlined – how to behave adequately in society may still be the focal point after which they could vote.

Ask the public. Have a vote on it and we’ll see what americans believe. without doubt we’ve the correct to that.

Gerard Dignan.

Denhead Crescent.


Who earnings from pricing coverage?

Sir, – Canada, states of the USA, and Russia have minimal prices for alcohol primarily based upon tax, which fits to aid public features.

Scotland is the primary nation to introduce a minimal fee which is based upon alcohol extent per unit without a information or figures to show any direct consequences or merits.

So why has the Scottish government interfered with rate fixing inside a free capitalist market?

essentially because of an opinion. Whose it is according to is unknown, however the notion of government policy and legislations being based basically upon outdoor opinion is scary.

The most important advantages of the minimal fee will go to off-licence homeowners, supermarkets and shareholders, so that they can simplest anticipate this windfall will in some way go to atone for raises to enterprise and salary tax.

not to point out compensation for the incompetent means that public services corresponding to fitness, training, financial system, transport, justice, police are being administered.

A ultimate notion – Scots could be obliged with the aid of legislation to subsidise overseas capitalist shareholders. Who would have idea?

Alan Bell.



Echoes of the empire

Sir, – Mr Moncrieff, Letters may additionally 12 tries to color an optimistic photo of britain’s trading talents after Brexit and on the identical time criticises Dr Cameron of St Andrews for indulging in promotion a plenty gloomier outlook.

while in my view caring nothing for his political leanings it is simply attractive to recognise the first rate doctor’s sense in his financial forecast.

Mr Moncrieff seems absolutely unaware that historically the united kingdom dominated world exchange at the height of its imperial powers and delighted in taking capabilities of its place of energy by way of imposing stringent tariffs upon any nation who discovered it integral to trade with it.

These wrongs reside lengthy within the reminiscence and the victims of past UK trading misdeeds are eagerly longing for pay again time.

To make clear any misunderstandings about the validity of the Brexit outcomes, it changed into executed by means of the numerical English skills over the other three member states in what is supposed to be a union of equal companions – no longer one by which the biggest nation expects to bully the others into having its personal manner.

the times of empire are lengthy long past and those greatest in ignoring the latest truth are a bunch of narcissists led by using Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Allan A MacDougall.

Forth Park,

Bridge of Allan.

television news the sufferer of this fall

Sir, – I, for one, changed into saddened but now not stunned by way of the loss of life of STV2.

For a number of months the each day eating regimen of three or four football programmes and historical repeats appeared to be supported completely by commercials aimed at a west valuable Scotland viewers.

unluckily what’s going to even be lost may be the fairly severe local news reports that are unnoticed through all the different channels.

John Crichton.

Northampton place,


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